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Can I have my ex common-law partner up on Criminal chargesCan I have my ex common-law partner up on Criminal charges

Business »Posted 7 Sep 2011 Post Answer

legal question In or around April 25th 2010 I started dating my Common-law wife.She moved in with me In May 2010.But she still had her own room somewhere else in the city.I had a Small Karaoke Business with over $20,000 in Equipment.For 3 months we stayed at the place where I am back at now.It was just a small room.Any ways.In or around July 15 we both moved to Burlington Ontario to her Grand Mothers house that she was renting out.For 3 months I was paying the whole rent by myself which was from my ODSP.The rent was $800.per month.I was told by my Fiance at the time that she was cut off of Ontario Works and could not help pay for the rent.after getting her on my Odsp I found out that she had her Ontario Works on hold because they needed more Info before we moved in together.Any ways the thing is.I couldn\'t take the lies or her cheating on me any more.So on April 29th 2011 I packed some of my stuff but I had no way to take it with me and no place to put it.She told me that I could leave my stuff there till I could find a proper place for it.I handed her $500.00 and told her that this should give you a couple of months to hold on to My karaoke Equipment.I also told her that If she would call me before 2 weeks that I would try and keep her on my ODSP.When she never called me I figured that she already had someone else and I had no choice but to take her off of my ODSP.Not only that I did not want to get cut off because I was not living with her any more.I tried calling her many times in May 2011 to see if I could send someone to her home to pick up my Karaoke Equipment as I had a couple of jobs lined up.And with no luck she wouldn\'t answer the phone.Then on May 26 2011 she had called me because she was mad at me for not having her on my ODSP because my stub did not show up there.On May 27th 2011 my sister had passed away and I had called her and explained that my sister had passed away and that I need more time to pick up my Equipment.She just yelled at me and hung up the phone.From June 2011 to September 2 I have left many emails and Messages on Facebook for her to get a hold of me so I can pickup my Equipment for my Business.I called her once again on September 2nd 2011 when she told me that she sold my stuff the first week that I moved out of our place.I called the Police and they told me that It was a Civil matter because at this time that I have talked to them was August 31 2011.But not this is Theft of from my Company.My business is Registered in the city of Hamilton.I need to know If I can have her Charged with Theft.I need help.This was my life.I haven\'t worked for a while because of my Disablement.I have never hit her or Cheated on her for her to do something like this to me.

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