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Can i take this to small claims courtCan i take this to small claims court

ANY »Posted 16 Aug 2011 Post Answer

legal question While on vacation at the Kawama Hotel Varedaro Cuba falsely accused of going to a tattoo house and doing drugs by immigration and hotel security.Was threatened with 30yrs in jail they even tried to get my 17yr old nephew to admit that i did what they said i did. Said they had proof but couldnt produce any.They wanted to drug test me when i agreed they backed off.Then let go to finish vacation while being watched and followed.Then at the airport had 25 pesos taken out of my passport at the check in counter. Went to SUNWING agent told him of this he pretty much called me a liar said he couldnt help me and to go ask someone on the same flight going home to borrow some money to pay the airport tax so i could leave the country.When back in CANADA filed a complaint was told by SUNWING that to bad for you and would not accept responsibility for the hotels actions nor their agents and not even an apology for the way we were treated which i could have accepted. What is my recourse

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