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How do i get my stuff backHow do i get my stuff back

Property »Posted 2 Oct 2011 Post Answer

legal question Hello, i was living with a friend for a few months we had a disagreement so i moved out, left a few things to pick up with a truck a few days later he said np. When i phoned to get my stuff he told me to phone his dad and that i owe\'d them $800.00 which i do not i paid last months rent before leaving. Now he won\'t give me my stuff back and when i ask for it he says \" pay/talk to my dad, if you dont and you come on this property i will punch you in the face then call the cops\". I want my stuff back so yeah. And his parents didnt even have us sign a rental agreement or give us a postal code or give us a mail key nothing so i could be a dick and say i didnt live there so owe you what? But i want my stuff back so what should i do? I dont have money for a real lawyer right now.

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