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Stalker, after renting from sociopathsStalker, after renting from sociopaths

Civil »Posted 26 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question I have a rather unusual stalker. She is invading my privacy and harassing me using an endoscope. Believe it or not, she is somehow running this (camera with night vision, sound, and able to apply a significant amount of motion/force to its tip) thing through the underground cable/telephone conduit, from one unknown neighbors home, into the guts of our home. She is able to send this long hair thin wired camera through our walls, and out any crack or outlet. I can hear this thing in operation, and have recorded the sound of it as it moves. They are somehow also using it to lightly shock me in bed, which has allowed me to film the arching current as it hits my legs. They use this thing to prod and poke me and me alone, all day and night. We know who it is, because it stems from being in a landlord tenant dispute, where, I believe I was targeted as her muse to film voyeuristic videos, in which, I caught them, though not with recorded evidence. This time, I am in the position to collect the evidence I need. But, I am having trouble figuring out what I can do to tie these activities to the perp, and litigate this, all on an almost zero dollar budget for a private investigator and or lawyer. I would say we could move, but, she has followed me across town, already, and now invading my parents home.

Without trying too hard to enter her mind, the motive seems to be a control factor married to voyeurism. Her recorded personality is one of a true sociopath, and has all but given up on toddlers to select me, and insert herself into my life, albeit at arms length. I have been driven to the psych ward repeatedly by police officers who, will not investigate, and have shrugged off every individual piece of evidence as they come, but I believe that, with the right puzzle pieces in place, the dozens of circumstantial evidences should paint a different picture. There is more to the story regarding individual events. There has been a keystroke logger placed on my phone after it was stolen then returned. This woman doesn't seem to have the willingness to quit, and I am in month 8 of this. I am unable to sleep. The doctors on my side say there is zero evidence of signs/risk of delusions or psychosis, and believe my descriptions. I AM planning a move, regardless, but, am both wanting to make sure she can't do this to others, as, she has driven me to suicidal thoughts and the edge of sanity. She has filmed me in my most private of situations, she knows everything about me, now, and there is the possibility that she, in her state, may follow me, once again.

I have purchased: a micro camera of my own, w night vision, and motion sensor.
I have two web-connected dlink security cameras, with audio/night/motion sensors. And I have an in-wall audio microphone and mp3 audio recorder.

Presumably, if her endoscopic camera(s) (there is often two sets of activities, at the same time, leading me to both believe there are two of these devices working in tandem. They (her and her partner) seem to work together by alerting each other to my presence, tactical manoeuvring to capture these things, on film and physically) have infrared capabilities, they can see my cameras in the dark and avoid them, limiting my ability to get better footage. They can sense (see, hear, feel) when I am about to try to snag their wire in my bed, or sofa. They always operate where there is fabric to hide amongst. I once pinned the wire down, and, for several mins the landlord pounded on my door, sent the police, and could be heard freaking out upstairs, and I have had no luck since.

I am at an impasse, sitting on a legitimate, fully ready tribunal for our landlord tenant system infractions, and am set to win that. But, seeing as they have stalked me down, I'd like to include it in my application, but, am undecided about how to make my videos/audio able to stick.


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