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The Childrens Aid and the authority they haveThe Childrens Aid and the authority they have

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legal question Ive been in the battle of my life with CAS in Perth County. They came into my life due to my ex husband being bitter, my mom also had her own ulterior motives to which she would also make false accusations about me. Skip forward a year and a new worker took over, she met with my ex-husband first in immediately sided with him she through my case notes and decided that she was going to take my Children. Since then my depression has has quite literally gotten way out of hand and my mental health state is a lot worse. I have not been able to leave my house in almost 6 months and when I do I get horrible anxiety attacks. CAS demanded that I attend a rehab and mental health facility. If I don't attend then the kids will be given to given to their father full-time. The situation then I am in is much longer and extremely complex. I just tolls you the very short form it up as quickly as I could. Are they allowed to order me to a rehab facility or else lose custody? I have attempted to get into multiple facilities with no money it's difficult and extremely discouraging for somebody that has ended up with feeling of life purpose I have been dealing with the Children's Aid Society for almost 3 years and I am still in supervised access visits due to no fault of my own I've Been Told there are no complaints and that the workers see nothing wrong I just don't feel that there is any way out.
Thank you for your time
Amanda Berry

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