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Lawyer needed for Divorce Family 17 Mar 2018

Iím currently in Canada, my spouse is in India. I have not been back to India since 2015. I will be returning back to India so I may divorce her. And,then...


Dismissed with cost ( Civil )Will and Estate Civil 5 Jan 2018

My case - wills and estate. judgement - Dismissed with cost. I am the plaintiff. what can be done in next step? thanks


Adoption proceedings Family 6 Dec 2017

Wondering if theres a way to do an adoption where i dont have to serve the father as he is in agreement that its ok for my fiance to adopt my daughter...



Sir I am advocate in Bangalore with 12 years of experience here Now i Wanted to practice in Canada .Do you Help me My contact details 91944920385...


How to proceed on the case Criminal 26 Sep 2017

I received an Adult Charge Screening form from office of Attorney General, Downtown Toronto Office. How to proceed.


Permanant resident of canada filing a divorce case against a indian wo Family 22 Sep 2017

Hi. I am from india. My sister married a indian guy who is a permanant resident of canada. One month he was here in india and went back to canada. Still...


Rules for securities transactions not conducted on a regular exchange Business 18 Aug 2017

I have been approached by a UK-based firm about selling a digital currency holding to a Hong Kong Investor. I have been told that the process involves...


Indexation of pension Labor 17 Aug 2017

I was early retired in 1995 at age 52. Since retirement the company I worked for was taken over by another company . My pension was not indexed...

Hi there how are you you should deal with this by going to social services and tell them your situation thanks View

Custody case of my three young daughters Family 9 Aug 2017

Hi , I want to file custody case of my three young daughters they are in Ajman . Please answee me as soon as possible so I am gonna file case . ...

Hey there you could go to a family court to arrange to have custody over your kids or go to a family law firm to make arraignments thanks for adding your...View

Appealing my charges to better my life Criminal 28 Jul 2017

I wanna appeal my charges I was in a bad mental state when I was charged by my ex husband . I could had a job at revenue Canada if it wasn\'t for these...

Hi there if you would like to appeal these charges against you by your ex husband you could apply for a pardon record suspension you could look up the...View

Appealing my charges to better my life Criminal 28 Jul 2017

I wanna appeal my charges I was in a bad mental state when I was charged by my ex husband

Hi there you could appeal your charges by criminal court you will be getting a summons to appear before a judge if you want to appeal your charges in court...View

CRA Ripping My Father off Tax 28 Jun 2017

Took over power of attorney for my father, found out the CRA were garnishing his pension for $1000 a month found out he owed $25000 in taxes, He is 84...


Ex posted nude photos publicly ANY 7 Jun 2017

My ex husband put ad on Craigslist impersonating myself. Included my cell and nude photos. Resulted in 10 men texting me. Would like to have him charged...

If you wish to press charges on your ex husband you could do so by calling the local police department and you could file a charge against your ex husband...View

El Al flight LY30 cancelled flight Consumer Protection 19 Feb 2017

I was on El Al flight LY30 leaving Toronto when the engine caught fire. We needed to make an emergency landing in Toronto and were sent home/to a hotel...



hi , my name is harmandeep kaur and my husband name is manpreet singh cheena currently i am doing diploma in professional cookery level 5 . now i am...


Question about Sikh families adopting non-Sikh children ANY 19 Jan 2017

If a non-Sikh child was adopted by a Sikh family, does the adoptive family have the right to make that child a Sikh.


Patent or licence. Which is the best way to go Intellectual Property 17 Jan 2017

I would like to find out about how to patent a product, or licence it. I have a rough prototype. I am not sure which is the appropriate avenue to take...


Is it possible to cancel FIR u/s 489a Criminal 18 Dec 2016

Hi. My wife has lodged fir us 498 a against me since last 3 years.i am NRI and was scared of going back to India beacuse i was innocent and was also...


Personal income tax question Tax 13 Dec 2016

I filed my taxes late. Because I moved in with the father of my doughter in November of 2014, they are now sending me bills to repay child tax benefits...


inheritance to receive Property 4 Oct 2016

Hello, Someone I know was deported in the past form Canada. Now his mother is deceased (in Canada) and he wants to know how can he claim inheritance ?...


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