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reapplying for permanent residence to canada ANY 14 Sep 2016

We had permenant residence in canada but had to give it up as we had children and could not apply for them.We gave up our PR card when we applied for a...


I haven\t been adding my rental property to my personal income tax for Tax 21 Jun 2016

I have owned rental property for 8 years and I haven\'t included it in my personal income tax return for the past 5 years. The first 3 years the rental...


Divorce certificate - how to get it from Dongying the place we registe Maritime law 11 May 2016

Hi, We were married in Dongying 15 years ago, registered marriage certificate in Dongying, we moved to Canada not long after. Unfortunately we have been...


tfsa over contribution Tax 18 Nov 2015

over payment on tfsa penalty is 1308.25 and if i did not have tfsa and i paid marginal tax rate would be 175 can i fight this

You could go to a bankruptcy law firm attorney who can further assist you thanks for adding your question to pathlegal have a great day okey View

Divorce and personal/incorporated bank accounts Family 4 Nov 2015

This is regarding divorce query in Ontario, Canada and if the divorce doesnt go on mutual way and it involves fight. I am a PR holder and I sponsored...


Married in India but want divorce in Canada Family 23 Sep 2015

I am writing you to check if the divorce order of Ontario, Canada be valid in India if I got married in India The guy is in India but I am a permanent...


Cost - Process Server Family 15 Sep 2015

What is the approximate cost of a process server in BC for divorce papers filed in the courts of the Cayman Island?


1st thing to do as canadian citezen married to a St. Vincent citezen w Family 29 May 2015

hello i got married in St.Vincent and now i need a divorce i'm a canadian citizen and my wife is a residing St. Vincent Citizen?


Have I broken section 342.1 Criminal 18 Feb 2015

I accessed a computer service with a login that wasnt mine. It wasnt for the purpose of fraud. so it wasnt identity theft. I altered no data sao it wasnt...

Hi there simply contact the company website that you gought the login from and explain your isssue about receiving the password information from then...View

Watt is the best way to get my money back Business 4 Feb 2015

In OCTOBER 2013 I Paid in advance with out cheking his Qualification is father said my son is an expert to make On Line Art Store it is a disaster I...


sale of studio apt in miramar Property 4 Jan 2015

i want to sell my studio apartment in miramar - the builder is playing games in giving the sales deed. i have the agreement for sale and electricity bill...


Health insurance for non UE residents with temporary residence status. Insurance 20 Oct 2014

Good Morning. My wife and I are planning to retire in few years. In Canada where we have our home ,winter is to cold and we would like to stay in that...


dob 14/9/1948 parents Ind citizen,in colonial malaya at birth I am a i Family 14 Aug 2014

father died in Indian village,no death certificate,agri land purchased in 1956,mother still alive in chennai, mothers nick name in my birth cert hinderance...


how much does it cost to register marriage/divorce and remarriage in C Civil 28 Jun 2014

have all documents translated/legalized at Croatian embassy. Need name change registered in Croatia.To obtain Croatian passport.


Can OCI proceed with dowry harassment case Criminal 30 May 2014

I am a canadian national and an OCI holder. I have been a victim of domestic violence. My husband had asked share in my property and when I refused he...


Time taken to find the current status of divorce application filed in Family 18 Dec 2013

I was married in 2008. In 2009 after my ex-husband landed to Canada within a month I came to realize that he got married only in order to come to Canada...


Effect of CICB award on child support arrears. Family 3 Dec 2013

Hello, My question is whether a money award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is sheltered or protected from being applied toward child...


Divorce of marriage obtained in Belize ANY 11 Nov 2013

My husband and I were married on Ambergris Caye on April 11, 2012. We never did have the marriage legalized in Canada (did not file any papers in Canada,...


Pmnt not recd and breach of contract.Can we file suit in India International Law 28 Aug 2013

We had supplied printed books to a publisher in Canada. There is a MOU signed by them for payment terms . We have delivered the goods in good order and...


how i get my ex back by dromoba Family 16 Aug 2013

i am Mrs mercy i am hear to give testimony of how i got back my husband, we got married for more than 2 years and have gotten two kids. thing were going...


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