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against immigration company.who had not representing me afte Consumer Protection 30 Jun 2013

against immigration company.who had not representing me after refusing my file at chd center.also not refund my money


right to ancestral property of father/grand father after div Property 14 Jun 2013

My daughter may get separation/divorce from her violent husband,in canada,who mostly lives in INDIA and has ancestral agri land in his and his father\\\\\\\'s...


What should I do Tax 3 May 2013

I was audited last month by Revenue Canada,they are asking me to pay them $3100 because they have two identical T4 slips from 2009 with two different Albert...


i want to lowyar speciyal for international law (canada ) International Law 5 Apr 2013

I want to dovors


Named as one of the heir's in Aunt's will, Mosbach, Germany. Notary 7 Mar 2013

Before I send any documents to the Notary (Certificate of Inheritance, am I liable for any debts to the estate? And how do I verify the actual amount...


register foreign company as an extraprovincial company Business 19 Feb 2013

I am a BC Permanent Resident. Can I register a new corporate company in BC in partnership with a corporate company in Taiwan ? If yes, how do I go about...


sugesstion wanted quoting article. Property 10 Dec 2012

I have an aunt who has her housein her name after mutation as she has lost her son and then her husband.She wants to give the house in my name ,but I have...


how send summons in probate case to legal heirer in canada ANY 27 Nov 2012

probate case in district court panchkula 2 legal heirers one has become x party n other staying in cannada we have sended 2 times summons through high...


if i havent heard from my lawyer can i fire him Information Technology 24 Oct 2012

my trial is tommorrow and i havent heard from my lawyer im lost can i postpone my trial. i dont know what my defence is or anything. this is an assault...


i am married in the phil.but we are now divorce with my ex Family 19 Aug 2012

i want to sponsor my new gf to come here in canada,i am divorce here,but married in the phil.can you tell me how can i get my gf here.if theres a ways,...


is affidavit and birth certificate sufficient to cross U.S International Law 29 Apr 2012

i have dual citizenship for u.s and canada but only have an original copy of birth certificate and affidavit photo this valid enough to cross the...

Birth certificate and affidavit photo i.d is the most important document for getting a visa green card etc. The only restrictions on dual nationals...View

Want to get some information my husband, living in Canada. International Law 28 Apr 2012

My name is Sonali,i got married in 2009 and my husband is a permanent residence of Canada. I was living with his parents who,basically belongs from Himachal...

Madam, need of knowing details of husband.file a case of 498A I.P.C.for cruelty by husband and his family in police station area where husband and...View

cheque dishonor need help Banking 20 Dec 2011

looking for an attorney to handle my cheque dishonor case

Dear client, ON check dishonour case consult me via pathlegal. Advocate Rajesh singhView

my daughter\\\\\\\'s PIO card. ANY 25 Nov 2011

I need to apply for my daughter\\\\\\\'s PIO card. She is a USA citizen and currently accompanying me here in Toronto. I\\\\\\\'m currently on a work permit...

REQUIREMENTS An application for issue/renewal of a PIO Card shall be made in the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by: * Copy of last Indian...View

my Father\'s Legal Will, I as one of the daughters Family 15 Oct 2011

My father passed away on Vancouver Island (Duncan B.C.) on May 24th. I have reason to believe that he left me something in his Will. However, my Mother...


Missuse of savings stealing and blackmail Family 15 Oct 2011

Can I sue My X for not putting savings aside from family allowance towards my son. He blackmailed me saying he would not put money away for the children...


Father\'s Will. Family 15 Oct 2011

My Father passed away on Monday, May 24, 2010. I am still searching to obtain a copy. Which my Mother (Victoria,B.C.) and sister(Virginia, U.S.A) Would...


Answer for Civil Claim ANY 15 Oct 2011

I need a Pro Bono lawyer for a RESPONSE TO CIVIL CLAIM?

You could look up the probona lawyers on the website on google search thanks for adding your question to pathlegal have a great day okey take care View

How do i get my stuff back Property 2 Oct 2011

Hello, i was living with a friend for a few months we had a disagreement so i moved out, left a few things to pick up with a truck a few days later he...


22yrs ago I got government&university loans ANY 30 Sep 2011

I received Ph.D. , but I lived on welfare since then up to 8yrs then I lift the country back home. Now I want to come-back with my kids. do I will be gilty...


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